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Eat on the streets of India at Louies Modern

Eat on the streets of India at Louies Modern


Excite your taste buds and revel in a culture centered around good food and great spices. Join us for a night of cooking and eating with The Indian Table at Louie’s Modern on March 18th!





Deepa Alfano, the owner of The Indian Table, will take you on an intimate food experience that you will never forget. Street food in India keeps Indian dishes authentic, while adding that hint of casual flair. Come with an empty stomach and get ready to learn about the culture that surrounds the largest and most diverse street food in the world.

I am extremely passionate about food—especially Indian food. It's the cuisine that I grew up with, that I first started cooking and still prepare to this day. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom. My family are originally from Gujarat, the region north of Mumbai, and came to Britain from Uganda in October 1972, following Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asian Indians living in the country.

One of my earliest memories is sitting on my mothers kitchen floor, pounding fresh garlic into a paste in a heavy brass mortar and pestle. I believe it dates back to my great grandmothers era. I can remember my mother giving me a rundown of meals to prepare when I would come home from school—meals that were equally delicious and disastrous at times! It's from these experiences, (and many more) that I am now able to quickly prepare delicious Indian food using fresh ingredients. I will share these techniques and skills with you throughout our series of Indian cooking classes. I hope you enjoy the experience!




This night will feature more popular street food, such as, kati rolls, chaat, masala chai, and more! With such a diverse array of dishes, you’ll be sure to find something that tantalizes your palate. Come dressed in your finest Indian inspired attire and get ready to journey through the streets of India for the night!





Along with this experience, The Francis will be hosting monthly Indian Cooking Classes, and Muse at The Ringling will host a Bollywood Night Under the Stars in April.  Keep up to date by following our pages on social media to be sure you won’t miss out on any future events!


To get your tickets to any of these events please visit and click on Cooking Classes & Events.